Board of directors

The TFV benefits from the leadership and guidance of a five-member Board of Directors elected by the ASP for three-year terms. The five seats are distributed according to the five major world regions. Each member serves in an individual capacity on a pro bono basis.

Every year the Board of Directors convenes in the Hague for its Annual Meetings. The lists of decisions taken by the Board during the past five years are available below (pdf):

9th Annual Meeting (March 2012): English & French

10th Annual meeting (March 2013): English & French

11th Annual Meeting (March 2014): English & French

12th Annual Meeting (March 2015): English & French

13th Meeting (July 2015): English & French

14th Annual Meeting (April 2016): English & French


The TFV's current Board is composed of the following five members:


  • Motoo Noguchi

    (Japan, Chair of TFV Board)

    Motoo Noguchi is Chair of the Board of Directors of the Trust Fund for Victims at the International Criminal Court since 2012. He was previously prosecutor in Japan (1985-1996), professor at the Research & Training Institute of the Ministry of Justice (1996-2000), counsel at the Office of the General Counsel of Asian Development Bank (2000-2004), professor at UNAFEI (2004-2012), international judge of the Supreme Court Chamber at the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC, 2006-2012), legal advisor to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on international criminal justice (2004-), and Director of International Cooperation Department of the Research and Training Institute (2012-2014). At present he is a prosecutor at the Supreme Public Prosecutors Office in Tokyo. Noguchi graduated from the University of Tokyo, faculty of law (1983) and the Legal Research and Training Institute of the Supreme Court of Japan (1985). He was visiting scholar at University of Washington, School of Law (1992-93), visiting professional at the ICC (2005), visiting fellow at Yale Law School, Schell Center for International Human Rights (2006-07), and visiting professor at the University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (2009-).

  • Baroness Arminka Helić

    (United Kingdom, Board Member)

    Baroness Helić is a Member of the UK House of Lords. Her special fields of interest are defence and foreign policy. She has spent most of her working life as a defence and foreign policy advisor. From 2004 – 2010 Baroness Helić was the Senior Adviser to the Rt Hon William Hague, the Shadow Foreign Secretary, and then his Senior Special Adviser when he was Foreign Secretary and First Secretary of State from 2010-2015. She was responsible for developing and driving forward foreign policy priorities of the UK Government. Baroness Helić is one of the leading forces behind the UK’s global Initiative on preventing conflict-related Sexual Violence. She is a Member of the Foreign Office Advisory Board on the Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative, and is also a Member of the Advisory Board of the Centre for Women, Peace and Security at the London School of Economics.

  • Felipe Michelini

    (Uruguay, Board Member)

    Attorney and Professor specialized in Human Rights and International Justice. J.D. Law and Social Sciences, Law School Universidad de la República 1987, (UDELAR), Montevideo; -L.L.M. Columbia Law School 1992, New York City. Currently, working as Honorary Commissioner in Montevideo, Uruguay for the Working Group for Truth and Justice, and a President for the River Plate Administrative Commission (CARP) Uruguayan Delegation in Buenos Aires - Montevideo. Co-author of the book “An Introduction to International Law on the Protection of Human Rights”, FCU 2012, Montevideo. Delivered presentations and invited talks at various Latin American, New Zealand, European and American universities. Published articles in national and international specialized journals. Former Uruguayan Congressman. Member of Parliamentarians for Global Action (PGA) and PGA Executive Committee. Former Under-Secretary of State/Vice Minister for Education and Culture, and Former Acting Minister for Education and Culture, Uruguay (2005 - 2009).During his youth, he was actively involved in the students’ movement and worked within different civil society organizations.

  • Alma Taso Deljković

    (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Board Member)

    Education Mr. Sci. Psychology (field – clinical psychology); University in Sarajevo, B&H; (2004.) and Graduate studies – Psychology; University in Sarajevo, B&H; (2000.) Additional Education • Specialization in Psycho-traumatology, trauma therapy and EMDR, EMDR Institute Germany; (2003. - 2005.); title: Trauma counselor; • Specialization in Systemic Family Psychotherapy, Institution for Mental Health (Serbia) and European Association for Psychotherapy; (2004. - 2008.); title: Family counselor; • Witness psychology and War Crimes, IRCT, Zagreb, Croatia (2006.) • College of Management, A Kaplan Professional Company, UK; (2007.) • Education „Witness protection“, Ministry of Security, BiH; (2007.) • Forensic Psychology (I level), BH Association of Psychology, B&H; (2010.) Work Experience • Head of Witness Support Office, The Court of B&H; (2006. – now) • Support Officer, Witness Support Office, The Court of B&H and The Registry; (2005 – 2006) • Coordinator and Psychologist, Center for Psychosocial Support to war traumatized victims; Wings of Hope; (2004. – 2005.) • Psychologist, Center for Psychosocial Support to war traumatized victims; Wings of Hope; (2001. – 2004.) • Coordinator for psychosocial activities, NGO “Education builds BH”, Sarajevo; (2004 – 2006)

  • Mama Koite Doumbia

    (Mali, Board Member)

    Mme MAMA KOITE DOUMBIA a été Professeur d’Histoire et Géographie 1972 à 1977et puis devenue Inspectrice de Jeunesse et des Sports de 1977 à 2012. Elle a parallèlement été syndicaliste dans le Syndicat de l’Education et de la Culture pendant près de 30 ans et représentée la Centrale UNTM dans le Bureau Régional de la CSI et au Conseil d’Administration du Bureau International du Travail. Elle a été élue dans la Coordination des Femmes du Mali et puis élue Présidente du Réseau de Développement et de Communication des Femmes Africaines /FEMNET basé à Nairobi au Kenya de 2003 à 2010 .De 2005 à 2014Présidente du Groupe sectoriel Genre et Questions connexes et Vice Présidente du Conseil Economique Social et Culturel de l’Union Africaine. Elle a été Il a ensuite été Vice Présidente de Genre en Action et membre du Réseau Paix et Sécurité de l’Espace CEDEAO/Mali .Elle est membre fondatrice du Réseau Mondial Francophone Egalité Femmes Hommes Elles est membre du Comité Consultatif de ONU /Femmes pour l’Afrique de l’Ouest et du Centre .Elle est Présidente de la Plateforme des femmes leaders du Mali et Présidente de la Coalition Malienne pour la CPI/CM-CPI. Elle a eu les distinctions : 2004 : Mérite National du Mali (Présidence de la République du Mali) 2005 : Nominée Prix Nobel de la Paix Edition1000 Femmes du Monde. (Suisse)2007 : Chevalier du Mérite Africain (Addis Abeba)2007 : Prix International Minerva (Italie)2007 : Chevalier de l’Ordre National du Mali (Présidence de la République Mali)2011 : Gender Awards 2011 (Dakar).